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We exhibit at Equitana 2019

02. 02. 2017

This year we will be part of one of the major fairs focused on riding in Europe. Preparations for the fair Equitana 2017 are in full swing and we are looking forward to seeing you there on 09 -17 March 2019.


Global Champions Prague Playoffs 2018

01. 01. 2019

We are proud partners of the world's biggest event in horse jumping - Global Champions Prague Playoffs 2018.

New product - animal bedding

30. 04. 2018

New and unique animal bedding & litter on the market made from textile biodegradable material. Its features, thanks to the use of new environmentally friendly materials and production technologies, outweigh the existing bedding & litter in almost every aspect. More on http://ridingsurface.com/en/gtex-bedding


25. 05. 2018

New product

04. 01. 2017

We did not want stay behind for a long time and so we came to market with a new product in a series of GTEX. GTEX ALLWEATHER, the black-grey carpet flakes,is made from 100% PES. Suitable for building an all-season riding arena. Using GTEX AllWeather is very easy. Into the riding surface is added no sand into the mixture. The ideal amount of mixture GTEX AllWeather is 15 kg per 1 m2 of riding. More on: http://ridingsurface.com/en/gtex-allweather


09. 09. 2016

Velka Pardubicka with Česká Pojišťovna is traditional race, which is part of the International Festival Crystal Cup held on Sunday October 9 2016. At the start of the fantastic 126th Velka Pardubicská race were 15 horses and riders and winner of the oldest and the most difficult race became a riders Jan Faltejsek with horse Charme Look. The second was Jan Kratochvil with horse Ange Guardia and the third position belonged to Josef Bartos with horse Zafir. The race visited 25 000 spectators and we were there as well. 

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What is the difference between the products GTEX and competitors' products? 
Recycling products of Recycling J & F Ltd. are made of 100% polypropylene. Competing products are mostly produced from 100% polyester. In fact there is not any practical difference between the two materials. But this is about whether the input material is calendered or not. In case the material is calendered, it is not able to immediately receive moisture and water and the riding surface does not work immediately. So it is recommended to use uncalendered material. Products series  GTEX OPTIMAL and GTEX GOLD are manufactured from uncalendered material and it thus absorbs and sucks the moisture immediately.

Why are you cheaper than others? 
Recycling J & F Ltd. is a direct manufacturer of the material, not the dealer. So we do not pay any commissions to sellers, any logistics and storage costs and therefore we are able to reach better prices for our customers.

Is meatloaf geotextiles made ​​from original material or waste? 
All the products on the market are made of waste material generated during the production of geotextiles. The starting material for the production of geotextiles is a textile staple polypropylene fiber and the price on the European market is high. For this reason, it is impossible, when it is presented that the chopped geotextile is made from the original padding. It is a waste material generated in the production, but it is always only a clean and uncontaminated material.

Is it better to choose the surface areas of equestrian chopped geotextile mats or choppy? 
As the current trend suggests, builders are switching from riding-torn carpet on a chopped geotextile with fiber (GTEX GOLD). The reason is quite clear, the combination of sand and geotextile with fiber create an optimal and stable surface more comfortable for both rides and horse. The other major advantage is the fact, that geotextile is able to accept the water and moisture so it keeps the riding surface wet and fixed.

For what a color of GTEX should I decide? 
Our company offers several color options of geotextile. For riding surface we are mostly using a pure white or black-gray color combinations. The white variant is recommended especially for inner riding areas, black and gray color mainly for outdoor. The advantage of the outdoor riding surface formed by dark geotextile along with white sand is that dark pieces of chopped geotextile refract solar rays and prevent horses and their riders from sun glare. All other features are the same, it depends only on the customer what color is then chosen.

What is the ideal amount of chopped geotextile in a riding arena? 
According to our experience, we recommend for an indoor riding arena an ideal amount sandbed about 8-10 cm and for an outdoor riding arena, which is exposed to weather conditions, we recommend about 10-12 cm of sand. The chopped geotextileis then incorporated into such a quantity of sand in a ratio of 2 kg / m2 riding arena.

What is the packaging of GTEX products?
The GTEX products are compressed into a pallet dimensions 120x100x90 cm and wrapped in stretch plastic foil. One package weighs about 220 kg. Within domestic truck transport there are stored two packages on 1 pallete.